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Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance


Annual Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance...


Is it really that important? 

 Fort Smith, AR  (479) 646-0284 
Greenwood, AR  (479) 996-5877  
Poteau, OK  (918) 647-2640
Schedule Preventative Maintenance for HVAC

Nothing Better

There is nothing better for your heating and air conditioning system than annual maintenance.  Yearly maintenance allows your system to work at peak air conditioner efficiency year in and year out.  A system that is maintained annually experiences considerably fewer breakdowns.
Prevent Costly Repairs
Considering that most heating and air conditioning problems are a result of dirt and lack of maintenance.  This virtually eliminates the need for you to pay for costly repairs. 
Enjoy Peace of Mind

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your system is saving you money on your utility bills every time it comes on. In some instances, the energy savings are enough to pay the cost of the planned annual maintenance service.


What a "Planned Maintenance" Safety & Efficiency Program includes and how you benefit.

Precision AC or Heat Pump Tune Up Includes:
  1. Chemically clean and thoroughly wash air conditioner coil.
  2. Thoroughly clean washable air filters & electronic air filters or replace standard air conditioning air filters.
  3. Lubricate air conditioner fan motor and blower as needed/if applicable.
  4. Inspect evaporator coil and drain pan when readily accessible.
  5. Clean and inspect air conditioner drain system.
  6. Test all applicable air conditioner thermostat operations.
  7. Adjust and thoroughly clean air conditioner blower motor and fan assembly as needed.
  8. Inspect, tighten, and test all electrical connections.
  9. Inspect all cooling/heat pump system electrical wire.
  10. Test air conditioner capacitor (s).
  11. Test all controls, switches, relays, transformers, contactors, motors, and air conditioner fans.
  12. Check air conditioner blower motor for proper operation.
  13. Measure starting and running amperages, line voltage, and control voltage.
  14. Test system-starting capabilities.
  15. Check system for proper airflow and air delivery.
  16. Inspect all safety controls.
  17. Monitor refrigerant (freon) pressure and temperatures.
  18. Test and record super-heat and sub-cooling.  Compare with factory specifications.
  19. Test and measure air conditioning system for proper production and capacity.
  20. Monitor fan motors and air conditioner compressor operating conditions (amperages/temperatures)
  21. Clean outdoor unit to maintain weather resistant coating. 
  22. Advise customer on other ways to reduce energy consumption, improve safety, and enhance comfort.

Precision Furnace or Air Handler Maintenance Includes

  1. Inspect and tighten all electrical connections and terminals.
  2. Remove, clean, and adjust main burners.
  3. Remove, clean,  and adjust ignition/pilot/flame sensor assembly
  4. Thoroughly brush and vacuum clean the heat-exchanger and combustion chambers
  5. Inspect heat-exchanger & combustion chambers for cracks, rusting, or problem areas.
  6. Vacuum out furnace blower compartment as needed (no duct cleaning).
  7. Inspect the flue assembly and test flue gas drafting system.
  8. Test and inspect all furnace safety controls.
  9. Test, record, and/or adjust gas pressure.
  10. Replace or clean standard ac air filters.
  11. Remove and clean furnace blower motor and fan assembly as needed.
  12. Lubricate blower motor bearings as needed/if applicable.
  13. Check furnace blower motor for proper operation.
  14. Measure and test run capacitor ratings.
  15. Test all applicable thermostat settings.
  16. Measure/monitor heating system output.
  17. Inspect and test ignition/pilot system functions.
  18. Measure and test electrical voltage and amperage.
  19. Inspect and test all system transformers, relays, contactor, and controls.
  20. Inspect plenum and return air for any air leaks.
  21. Perform a complete and thorough, electronic carbon monoxide check if applicable.
  22. Advice customer on other ways to reduce energy consumption, improve safety, and enhance comfort.

Reduce Cooling and Heating Costs
- saving you money!

Protects Your Home
- assures proper and safe equipment operation!

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Let us serve you by taking over your equipment's required maintenance. We service nearly every type and brand of heating and air conditioning equipment ever made.